Short attention span crochet and free washcloth pattern

I watch small children all day.  That means I sometimes get random bits of time where I could be knitting but 1) I don’t have my work with me and 2) I will be interrupted unexpectedly.

Crochet is the perfect solution. Small projects are highly portable and you can pull up a loop at any time and leave it.  Boo-boos need kisses now. They won’t wait until you get to the end of the row!

What? You don’t crochet. You should. Crochet is fun and fun is good. (I read a lot of Dr. Seuss these days)

Washcloths are great ‘short attention span’ projects and someone in your life always needs a washcloth! Here’s a free pattern for my latest. It’s part of my new series of sea glass inspired projects. (A mini beach tote and a sweater are in the works.)IMG_2265

Normally I photograph my projects on the beach.  This one is in the sandbox where it was mostly made. Enjoy! Coastal Washcloth