My Designs

As my first post I’d like to talk a little about my inspirations and design process . You can see my work at

Palm Tree Designs Ravelry Store

I am lucky enough to be living in the South Bay area of California. Picture 021Wherever I’ve lived I’ve always taken my design inspiration from the patterns and colors of the natural world around me. Here, the sunshine, beaches, and palm trees are an overwhelming new rush of inspiration.                                       

My new design philosophy is to design items that I or the people I know would like to own and wear. In the past, when I’ve designed for yarn companies, I would be given certain yarns in certain colors to create a certain item. Sometimes it was a real challenge to make a beginner level sweater from yarn in a color no one I know would wear! 

Here’s a project that is close to my heart.

Pacific waves afghanPacific Waves Afghan

This project came to me while at the beach, naturally. When I found Homespun in exactly the right colorway to reflect the darkness of of Pacific Ocean I knew I was on to something. And I needed a throw for my bed! I still love to snuggle under this warm but drapey throw. It was a great project to make because once I had established the stitch pattern it was very easy to remember and to see exactly where I had left off. A lot of Dr. Who was watched while making this.

So my goal is to post every two weeks. The post migPalm Tree Designs 2ht only be a picture of yarn that wants to be something but I’ll try to keep on schedule!

Happy Hooks and Needles!


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