Simply Shrug and Walk Away

So I’m going on vacation next week. I went to my local mall and bought some new sundresses for the occasion. What I really wanted to go with them was a simple black summer weight shrug. Alas I could not find one that suited me. As a knitter, I find I am very fussy about any knitted items I purchase. When you know you could make the perfect thing it’s hard to settle for something less.


Picture 006

With dropped stitches

Luckily there was a yarn store in the same mall. Two balls of Patons Silk Bamboo and a week later I’m well on my way to having the shrug I really want. The featured picture on the left is the knitted piece before dropping stitches.  On the right is after dropping stitches but before blocking.  I can seam it up and crochet around the edges on the plane. This pattern will most certainly end up in my Ravelry store soon!


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