Drop It Shrug

So summer is over and here is a wonderful little shrug to help you transition from summer to fall. It works up VERY quickly. Best of all, it is sized for upper arm measurements up to 28.5 inches. I found it was easier to write the pattern to fit upper arm sizes than traditional womens sizes.

Formerly known as the “Simply Shrug” (see previous post) I renamed it after discovering the name has been used on Ravelry. Besides, “Drop It” describes how easy this shrug is to make. You can put it down between rows (I even dropped it mid-row) and it’s simple to pick up again. It’s also very portable and full of wonderful, zen knitting.

A special feature of the pattern is that you can try the shrug on as you go instead of swatching to gauge. I love swatching for fun and exploration but for some reason I detest swatching for gauge. Though there’s nothing worse than completing an entire project and discovering it doesn’t fit!

You can purchase this pattern in my Ravelry store for only $1.50!  Drop It Shrug

Pictured is Marianne Mahoney of Everyday Lifestyle wearing the smallest size in black. Also pictured is myself in the next larger size in Patons Silk Bamboo color Sea. Just the name of the yarn makes we want to knit with it!

I already have ideas for additional shrugs with other lovely designs.


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