When a Shawl is not a Shawl

Every time the seasons change I like to go through my closets and check on my wardrobe. What is never getting worn and should be donated? What needs replacing?

Inevitably, I find at least one knitted item I have forgotten about. It’s like reuniting with an old friend. Last spring I noticed that I have accumulated a large collection of scarves and shawls that I never wear. Instead of donating them I found ways to use them for decorating.

Here’s a fun shawl made with a variety of novelty yarns and beads. I knit it to go with a art piece dress. The dress sold but the scarf did not. It’s a bit too glamorous for me. The poor shawl has been languishing in my drawer for years. Then I remembered I’ve been looking for a blue shower curtain. Here’s the shawl in it’s new life as a shower valence!14-09-04 002

This scarf was made with a beautifully dyed wool. I rarely wear it but hated that it never saw the light of day. Now it’s living draped artfully on top of my futon.

14-09-04 001Check the backs of your drawers and closets.  There’s probably a forgotten treasure there that could be put to good use.  Seeing it each day will make you smile!


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