Knitting Disaster?

My Baby Breeze Blanket is great for draping over strollers to provide shade. You can get the pattern for FREE on my Ravelry page!  click here for pattern download While out strolling this week the blanket edge got caught in a wheel. Of course, this was in the middle of crossing a busy intersection. There was no way to stop and pull the blanket loose.

What I love about this blanket is it’s lightness and airiness. Those things add up to a blanket that will wrap around a wheel REALLY well. I ended up having to cut the hopelessly entangled end from around the wheel. Even had to break out the embroidery scissors and tweezers to get all the yarn off the axle! I was about to begin the usual wailing and gnashing of teeth that accompanies all such destruction of handknits. Then I realized that the end that got cut off was the bind off end. Huzzah!

I laid out the blanket and pulled back strands of yarn until I was past all the damage. As I was doing this I remembered how, as I was binding off at blanket length, I really wanted to keep knitting and make a blanket/wrap. By knitting to wrap length I could get double duty out of this blanket. Happily, I have another skein of this yarn. (Red Heart, Anne Geddes Baby in Sailboat order it here) Once all the holiday knitting is done I’m making this into a wrap.

Today’s Takeaway:

Keep all blanket ends tucked in neatly while pushing baby in stroller!!!baby breeze on needles


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