Emergency Hat

ethSo here I was traveling from LA to Philly for Thanksgiving.  I remembered to pack my winter coat.  I remembered to pack some knitting for the plane (of course!)  There was enough yarn left over from making my Mussel Shell Poncho (pattern is now on Ravelry) to easily make a hat.

I sit back to cast on the ribbing for a hat.  It’s always good to have an extra hat to give to someone for Christmas.  Figured I’d just start knitting and figure out a design as I go.  Halfway through the ribbing I realized I’d forgotten to pack a hat for myself.  Well, Merry Christmas to me!

Here’s the pattern.  You can use your leftovers from the  Mussel Shell Poncho or you can use one skein each of Lion Brand Wool-Ease Tonal Charcoal, Royal Blue, and Grey Marble.

Hat is knit side to side with size 10 needle, then seamed. (I used a bent paperclip as an emergency needle!) This size will fit most adults.

With Charcoal (C) cast on 54 stitches

Do K2, P2 rib for 6 rows.

Knit one row. Purl one row.

Change to Grey Marble (GM) and work 6 rows stockinette stitch.

Change to Royal Blue (RB). (Don’t cut GM) K 1 row. P 1 row.

Change to GM. (Don’t cut RB) K 1 row. P 1 row.

Change to Royal Blue (RB). (Don’t cut GM) K 1 row. P 1 row.

Change to GM. (now you can cut RB) Work 5 row in stockinette stitch. I ran out of GM at this point.

Change to C. work 5 rows stockinette

Top shaping:

Row 1: K4, K2 tog across

Row 2 and all even numbered rows: P

Row 3: K3, K2 tog across.

Row 5: K2, K2 tog across.

Row 7: K1, K2 tog across.

Row 9:  K2 tog across.

Cut yarn leaving a tail for sewing seam.  Run yarn thru remaining stitches and pull together.  Sew side seams. Weave in ends.  Enjoy!


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