Double Down Scarf

My Moimg_0749m had seen a scarf in the store that was similar to this.  She started to buy it but I gave her that ‘You know I could make a better one for you!’ look.  So now I was on the hook for a handmade scarf better than the store model. ( I do have a reputation to uphold! )

Holidays are approaching and time for knitting runs short.  I was able to do this scarf in only one weekend. By working with 2 strands of yarn held together, the project goes so quickly!

I’m still obsessed with Lion Brand Wool-Ease Tonal.  It’s just perfect for winter wear.  Soft but durable in colors everyone loves! I chose the colors because they will work with any color winter coat. Using Wool-Ease Frost with the Tonal gives the scarf a hint of shine and a slight haze.  Makes it look as comfy as it feels!

All knit and purl stitches so this is great for beginners. Makes a great knitting-while-watching-tv or knitting-while-drinking-white-wine project! I am a fan of doing both!


Check it out on my Ravelry store! Double Down Scarf



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